I produce video and audio content.

oh and games.


I really like to talk with people, and share experiences and evolve through conversation. I've created an interview podcast (Everything is Everything), a tech update podcast (Play This!), and a video game podcast (Video Game Break).


Host/Comedy Person

I talk to the camera and say funny things sometimes. I've created/hosted shows for Mevio, Sony, Gamespot, Macworld, PCWorld, Techhive, and Big Fish.


I make videos about video games, technology, kickstarter vids, music videos, indie projects, commercials, interviews, and documentaries. 

A weekly video game podcast


Each week I  talk with developers, journalists, producers, and friends about video games. We discuss what games we're all playing, and go through the latest game news.

On the website (below) we post videos from our live shows, game articles and trailers, and links to some of the games we talk about on the show.

Go to the podcast

on iTunes and Stitcher


Weekly videos and social media for a rad game company


I produce/edit how-to, let's play, sneak peek, and interview videos for Big Fish (publisher/developer of PC/Mac, iOS, and Android games).

Also run their Facebook and Twitter pages.

Big Fish on YouTube

Big Fish on Twitter

Big Fish on Facebook



A podcast where I talk about things off these lists I make. I make a LOT of lists.

Download episodes at www.imakelistspodcast.wordpress.com

That Gold is Mine is a game about an old man who gets abducted by aliens. 

BETA of an earlier version of the game is HERE

A semi regular show I did over at TechHive. Really liked doing this style of video!

A full (Halloween) Play This! podcast: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rYRkyE26hMo