This business of politics

There are no politics. There are just men and women hungry for power. 

Let's look at the definition ...

Politics: the activities associated with the governance of a country or other area, especially the debate or conflict among individuals or parties having or hoping to achieve power.

It's right there. The "conflict among individuals or parties (left and right, democrat and republican) having or hoping to achieve (grab) power".

The governing of our country in the ways of providing for it's people .. I can get behind. It's the power bit I have issue with. Power corrupts and is elusive. 

There IS however something else that's much more tangible that politics. Humans. 

We are a species. One species. 

We aren't divided up as intensely as your television and the internet would have you believe.

In case you need some background .. here's the definition of species ...

Species: a group of living organisms consisting of similar individuals capable of exchanging genes or interbreeding.

We are similar enough and we mostly group together, but a lot of the time it seems we also can't stand each other. The reason we can't 'all get along' i'll leave for another piece of writing. It's a doozy.

But this business of politics, and the games that are played are not about what might be good for our little group (or groups) of humans .. but what is good for power. For control. And for money.

While this chase for power sections us off from one another the world also keeps on being divided by religion, race, sexuality, gender, wealth, and class .. and it's boring. It's played out. It's fucking repetitive.

Isn't anyone done with this record? It's been on for far too long. It keeps spinning and spinning and spinning .. it's enough to drive someone mad.

And it does. And it has.

Now our current 'political' landscape is that of the most egregious kind. It has literally split our country up (not like that hasn't happened before, but there is cause for alarm in the way that it happened), and it has given power to a group of people who are intent on preserving their agenda by manipulating the system itself. 

Now before this gets too dark (in my constant attempt at being optimistic and trying to create positive change instead of giving in to my underlying sadness) i'll say this...

The stopping of the broken record and the beginning of change starts with people.

People are what make up a society.

Society: the aggregate of people living together in a more or less ordered community.

People are what make up small towns, and cities, and government offices (without sarcasm, I recently had a delightful and insightful talk with someone at the IRS), and schools, and military facilities. We the people was used because it's the truth. We're the ones running the country.

Like literally running it. Like if we all took a sick day .. ALL of us .. we could shut it down.

Even with the government saying how things should be, and signing its very important documents, and holding it's meetings (we all really don't get invited to) .. they would be designing a non-functioning place without our help. 

I literally don't know what to do with that information though. There's where I could use some guidance. How do we empower ourselves with that knowledge? I don't know .. quite yet.

And not to end on a downer, but the other issue at hand is that politics awhile back also became a TV commercial. It quite literally melded with reality TV. It is in the business of winning you over with catchphrases and slogans. It presents big personalities and tweets them at you. Politicians can win the day if their associated TV show helps them make their point, and that point then gets re-told on a hundred websites to reinforce itself.

If something is audacious it's revered. 

More and more the humans looking for guidance find it in a snappy 30 second clip that tells them how they should feel. 

And they buy it.

They don't ask questions but vote along party lines. They don't aim to work together but have closed minded opinions. AND they really like to argue. 

We have do something and I don't quite know what that is yet. But I do know this ..

Politics aside .. people (of all skin tones) want basic things. They want to have food. They want to feed their family. They want shelter and they want to be safe. The divisions that are sold to you that are beyond these basic pursuits of happiness are bullshit. 

We the people ... should reconsider this business of politics.

Carlos RodelaComment