I make video, audio, and games.



I really like to talk with people.

I record myself doing it. Past podcasts = Everything is Everything (interview), and Play This (tech). Currently producing Video Game Break (games). 


Host/Comedy Person

I've been on camera for forever. That includes my Fisher Price Pixel 2000, and my uncles old school (huge) camcorder.

I've hosted shows for Mevio, Sony, Gamespot, Macworld, PCWorld, IDG, Techhive, and Big Fish.

Producer / director / editor

I like to make videos.

I've produced web shows, TV commercials, mobile ads, sketch comedy, on location and live event coverage, interviews, and documentaries. 

I was born in New York without a middle name.

I am an Native American (Apache, Lipan).

I love dark chocolate. A lot.